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Review date : 04/02/2021

way too many terms and conditions. makes it difficult to decide length of care and costs of contract terminations, together with periods you get a carer for. thats why ive downrated their vakue for money,

- Mr. H

Review date : 16/01/2021

The level of care has been excellent, Care workers are all Polish. They are self employed but are managed and trained by Promedica24. . Carers typically travel from Poland to undertake assignments of 6-8 weeks. The company's administration and structure of management has been difficult to understand but it works. Because carers are independent contractors Promedica24 cannot guarantee continuity of service using the same carers.

- B

Review date : 31/12/2020

I did not realise before i joined the agency to get care for the relative that all the carers are from abroad. This is a problem, not been able to understand them, there skills are very limited.In fairness to the agency, they have tried to get a fluent engilsh speaking carer, but for the future, not sure what route we will be taking next.

- W

Review date : 10/10/2020

The whole process was efficient and speedy but certain things that were stated didn’t happen eg cater would be COVID tested beforehand ( they do now) The only teething problem was a personality clash which can happen at any time.The care company are efficient knowledgable and thorough. We are pleased. The issue is COVID and its risks, nothing to do with Promedica24. We are happy.

- Mrs F

Review date : 05/10/2020

From start to finish the process of finding a carer was carried out with empathy, speed and with my mum at the centre of the whole process. I cannot thank you and the Promedica team enough.

- B

Review date : 06/09/2020

The care provided was as best it could be at short notice, I think the companies intentions were sincere, focused, to my needs, the Carer was thoughtful, had we had more time and my Health condition not deteriorated, our live in care would have continued to evolve and improve. Which was the ambition of us all, so intent, result, communication, expectation and outcome was achieved by the care company, longer term costs, may have been difficult to manage over a longer term. Overall very satisfied

- E