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Helping Hands

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Review date : 24/07/2021

Shortage of carers Repeated changes of managers Standard of care good

- Mrs C

Review date : 09/07/2021

Terrible company - my poor dad was treated very badly we had 6 live in Carers over a 7 month period 4 of which had a safeguarding complaint upheld against them one was even investigated by the police. The hourly Carers were no better ,breaching data protection by discussing my dads care with other clients. Management refused to speak to us if we raised a concern and one Manager also breached GDPR sending staff personal details to us a client in error. Over the 8 months we were with them dad was

- Ms S

Review date : 24/03/2021

Helping Hands have dealt with my complaint, but we were left without care for 24 hours on the day we found out my mum was end of life. Communication was poor. Also after my mum passed we never heard from them apart from a bill. The complaint appeared to be sorted but have not had a revised bill only a statement with old amount. Having said that Esther the carer was fantastic. Its just the offices that let us down

- T

Review date : 17/12/2020

Good carer on 1st uk job. Kind, thoughtful & very patient-orientated. Little experience uk cooking. The care provider got our home address wrong on several occasions when sending the carer and in a subsequent office visit (despite clear records on file). Overall, an expensive, agency, and in my view this could not be justified, or re-negotiated. From an agency perspective, it should have been worth keeping a good paying self-funding client.

- S

Review date : 19/09/2020

Carer is excellent. Good English that is easy to understand important. Personality, positivity good. Get to know the local manager too.

- R