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Elder Care


Live-in care is chosen by thousands of families across the UK

Elder is a live-in care agency committed to looking after the elderly and the infirm in the comfort of their own homes. Connecting dedicated home care professionals with those in need, this residential care company offers a range of services including live-in care, dementia care, stroke care, and 24-hour care, along with a host of funding options to make it affordable to everyone.

Elder caregivers are self-employed individuals with years of experience in providing professional, conscientious, and friendly home care on a one-to-one basis. They offer a range of care packages that you can tailor suit your needs with domestic tasks, personal care, and emotional support, along with specialist care for those living with complex conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


You shouldn’t have to go to a care home unless you want to

As the UK’s leading live-in care agency, Elder provides care and companionship for both singles and couples who are looking for live-in support. They’ll help you find the perfect carer for your home based on personality, interests, and experience, and find an ideal match that both you and your family will love. They can provide carers in as little as 48-hours if needed, and full-time complex care for long-term illnesses and disabilities.

Elder provides loved ones with peace of mind by providing expert care and round-the-clock support. They help elderly couples stay together should one of them require ongoing live-in care, while allowing individuals to retain their independence and live a long, happy, and comfortable life in their home.

There is no place like home, and with Elder live-in care services, you can spend your golden years in your family home, exactly where you belong. Nationwide home care services available.


We cover the following areas:

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Latest Reviews

Elder Review

Overall Rating:
Date: 23/06/2020
Username: Sunny
Care Given?
Care Process?
value for Money?
Level of overall care?
Additional Commets:

The process of finding a carer was very smooth, we receive good ongoing support from Elder and the carer we received is extremely capable and has agreed to stay on through the uncertain Covid-19 period. Definitely recommended.

Elder Review

Overall Rating:
Date: 26/06/2020
Username: Helen
Care Given?
Care Process?
value for Money?
Level of overall care?
Additional Commets:

Great emergency out of hospital care, But ongoing care was too restrictive to allow rehabilitation and choice of replacement carers did not take account of stated preferences