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Live in Care Comparison gives you a platform to quickly and simply start the journey in finding the right carer to match your needs. Complete the short steps on the form to find care providers covering your location, compare their services and costs and find the perfect carer for you. It’s free and without obligation.

Independent reviews

We carry out our own independent reviews ensuring the level of care and serviced offered by providers on our site are of the highest standard.

There is no better way to assess a company.

We ask you, the people that use their services to form better comparison.

We undertake regular surveys from customers who have live-in care from our selected companies. Providing the reviews and ratings below:

Live-In Care Direct Review
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Date: 16/05/2021
By: Mr. M
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I didn't get a carer
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Because the person I care for was partly mobile I was told he didn't need live in care, what about the carers? it's a hard job. Maybe they need help so I found it unhelpful and a bit insensitive that he said that. Young carers should get more care and shouldn't be charged their life savings to recieve the tiniest but of help. It's rediculous. I wasn't please with the prices or service at all extortionate prices insensitive advice.
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